News & Updates

I am now an associated PhD student of the ETH AI Center.
I am assisting with the organization of the DALI 2021 meeting. [Cancelled due to COVID.]
I will be presenting my research at the AI+X Summit 2021 in Zurich.
I am a TA for the seminar on Beyond i.i.d. learning: Causality, dynamics, and interactions at ETH in the fall of 2021.
I gave a virtual invited talk about my work on high-contrast imaging of exoplanets at the group seminar of the Planetary and Stellar systems Imaging Laboratory (PSILab) at the University of Liège.
I gave a brief public outreach talk about high-contrast imaging as a de-noising problem at the Machine Learning & Astrophysics Hack Days at ETH Zurich.
New workshop paper on the arXiv: “Physically constrained causal noise models for high-contrast imaging of exoplanets.” This work was accepted into the Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences workshop at NeurIPS 2020!
I am a TA for the seminar on Causal Representation Learning at ETH in the fall of 2020.
I have been selected to participate in the 2020 online edition of AstroHackWeek!
I am participating in DotDotAstro, the first online-only version of the .Astronomy (un)conference.
I am presenting a poster at the virtual Exoplanets III conference in Heidelberg.
I have completed my one-year stay at ETH and moved back to Tübingen.
I was at the workshop on Post-processing for high-contrast imaging of exoplanets and circumstellar disks (HCIpp) at the Harnack House in Berlin.
I have co-organized a one-day workshop on deep learning for (astro)-physics at ETH.
I was invited to attend the workshop on Machine Learning Tools for Astronomy at Schloss Ringberg (and my talk was mentioned in Hogg’s research blog! :) )
Our paper on CNNs for gravitational waves was finally published at Physical Review D!
I was selected to participate at AstroHackWeek 2019 in Cambridge (UK).
I attended the Artificial Intelligence in Astronomy workshop at the ESO Garching.
I gave an invited talk at the mini-symposium on “Topological data analysis and deep learning: theory and signal applications” at ICIAM 2019 in Valencia.
I participated in another science slam, again winning second prize!
New paper on the arXiv: “Convolutional neural networks: a magic bullet for gravitational-wave detection?”
I moved to Zurich and started my one-year stay at ETH.
I gave an invited talk about my work on CNNs and gravitational waves at the group seminar of the Theoretical Astrophysics Section at the University of Tübingen.
I officially started my PhD at the Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems.
I participated in a science slam at the Max Planck Day 2018, and won a second prize!